BOBA Milk Tea

BOBA milk tea, Bubble tea, Pearl tea, tapioca tea… Whatever its called… I like it!

When you’re craving for something you itch for days but you’re at you’re wits end because getting out of the house is just impossible, especially if your stuck with toddlers. You finally get your pantry cleaned and hoping very hard you have tapioca balls and condensed milk hiding somewhere. The feeling of having these 2 things you’ve been looking for showed up,  gave you the clear definition of hope for this day. Then, you realized that tapioca balls take forever cook. You just drool with anticipation. 

Here’s how I made my version of tiny BOBA tea

The ingredients:

Sago or tapioca balls (I had small sago in my pantry, so this is what I used) BOBA tea, uses Big sago, black pearl.

Tea bag of your choice.  These hibiscus tea were given by  a great friend. Smells soooo good too.

Sweetened condensed milk


Cook tapioca balls by boiling in water until translucent. Drain and set aside.

Steep 2 bags of tea in a water.

Pour condensed milk in a glass

Pour tea in a glass over condensed milk.

Stir tea and milk together. Then add tapioca balls. 

Can serve hot or cold.. 

I like mine cold…  🙂 so I filled mine with ice cubes..

… With these 3 ingredients you will be surprised how much joy it brings. Definitely deserve the #cravingsatisfied hashtag as the tapioca balls whirl inside your mouth as you sip and that sweet milky refreshing tea goes down your throat. If this is not refreshing, then I don’t know what is…