Emergency Preparedness kit

Earthquake, fire, tsunami, flood, typhoon or even a terrorist attack. We all need to be prepared from all these unpredictable circumstances. These gruelling events are in fact something that we cannot control, its written, all we can do is be prepared for any of these events. 

Its was 2 years ago when I attended a certification from Safety Organization of the Philippines (SOFI), a  training for Basic Occupational Safety and Health.  The talks about The Big One was already highlighted even before everyone was talking about it. The recent moving of the Earth plates are experienced around the country in numerous instances. I myself experienced the shake twice in 2 months.

When you are living with toddlers, it is almost obligatory to have an emergency plan prepared. Prayer is top on our list. We also have an emergency kit stored at the back of the main door, just in case anything happens. I suggest that everyone should have one in every household. Its better to be prepared than sorry. 

Here is the emergency kit we contiously build and keep adding little things from time to time. 

I will let you have a peak on what we have so far. It is stil work in progress.

  • Flashlight or torch
  • Paracord with flint
  • Whistle
  • Portable knife

For all battery operated gadget such flashlight, transistor radio. Batteries should be inside the gadget, just make sure its depolarised so the batteries will not get flat. 

  • Water
  • Instant noodles
  • Instant coffee
  • Canned goods (ginamit ko muna, pinangalmusal namin 🙂 )

Make sure the food and water are not expired. Yes, bottled water expires. 

Activity pack for kids. 

  • Crayons
  • Activity book
  • Coloring book
  • Toys

Photocopy of important documents

  • Birth certificates of all the members of the family
  • ID’s

I keep these documents in a zipper bag. 

  • Rope

You’ll never know when there is a need to rappel. Char! 

  • Plastic Raincoat or ponchos

This can serve as a mat if in case of evacuation or as a protective gear from rain.

First aid kit

  • Gauze pad
  • Tourniquet band
  • Medical plasters/ band aid
  • Mask
  • Surgical gloves
  • Antiseptic
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Alcohol
  • Cotton
  • Surgical tape
  • Scissors (to add) ginamit ko din muna.


  • Oral salts
  • Paracetamol
  • Maintenance medicines

Portable solar charger

Candles and lighter

Transistor radio

Emergency contact  numbers from your city.

There are still a lot to add to my list. 

  • Heat blanket
  • Scissors
  • Reflectorize jackets
  • Portable spoons, plates and cups

Or if you can suggest what we can add to the emergency bag feel free to comment below. 

It is still powerful to pray for guidance and protection from Him. 

Be safe, be aware, be educated and be in the know. 


Lack of storage and too many spices {DIY}

Let me share with you my space saver tip to store spices when spice rack cannot afford to house them anymore or if you do not have a spice rack to store them.

I keep all jars from fruit preserves, peanut butter, sardines and wash them clean.

I label with stickers like these: 

Stick Velcro tape on the lid and shelf. 

… a happy momma I was… Spices stored fresh and  functional.

Go ahead try it… Its one of my favorite diy to date…

BOBA Milk Tea

BOBA milk tea, Bubble tea, Pearl tea, tapioca tea… Whatever its called… I like it!

When you’re craving for something you itch for days but you’re at you’re wits end because getting out of the house is just impossible, especially if your stuck with toddlers. You finally get your pantry cleaned and hoping very hard you have tapioca balls and condensed milk hiding somewhere. The feeling of having these 2 things you’ve been looking for showed up,  gave you the clear definition of hope for this day. Then, you realized that tapioca balls take forever cook. You just drool with anticipation. 

Here’s how I made my version of tiny BOBA tea

The ingredients:

Sago or tapioca balls (I had small sago in my pantry, so this is what I used) BOBA tea, uses Big sago, black pearl.

Tea bag of your choice.  These hibiscus tea were given by  a great friend. Smells soooo good too.

Sweetened condensed milk


Cook tapioca balls by boiling in water until translucent. Drain and set aside.

Steep 2 bags of tea in a water.

Pour condensed milk in a glass

Pour tea in a glass over condensed milk.

Stir tea and milk together. Then add tapioca balls. 

Can serve hot or cold.. 

I like mine cold…  🙂 so I filled mine with ice cubes..

… With these 3 ingredients you will be surprised how much joy it brings. Definitely deserve the #cravingsatisfied hashtag as the tapioca balls whirl inside your mouth as you sip and that sweet milky refreshing tea goes down your throat. If this is not refreshing, then I don’t know what is…


(Super Mario) Diego’s 3up Birthday celebration

How to prepare for a birthday party for kids?

Here are some ideas how I achieved a birthday celebration for Diego’s 3rd birthday, on a budget.

Before we come up with Super Mario theme party, we had a long list of his favorites. Super Mario got shortlisted from Oddbods, angry birds, crayola, sago mini and a lot more.  It is important to identify your childs favorite so you would know where to start and for your child you are a super star.

TIME:  You can start searching for kids party ideas from #pinterest. I think that’s the best avenue to create your mood board. I got most of my ideas from pinterest. 

As soon as we pegged super Mario as the theme, I started collecting few things from hardware, bookstore and supermarket for things that would fit in the theme. For the super Mario theme, anything in red and green. 

I got this tissue paper and moustache topper for 30 pesos from a baking store. I used the moustache topper as a straw ornament. The table napkin are just gorge, isn’t it? 

These are local Goya bits I found in the supermarket. To mario-size it, I put stickers which I had printed out.

These are part of the loot bags, its egg shaped chocolate candy and called it yoshi eggs. 

These are some of my left over boxes for cupcakes where I put letters from a rubberized alphabet puzzle mat. Its the same rubberized mat that spells out HAPPY BIRTHDAY, as part of my back drop.

My  Toad pops {Mallow pops} holder is made of plastic gardening pot, then placed a styrofoam ball I cut in half. I glued in cupcake liners showing the colored part. For the pipe stand, these are cylinder chip containers I cut, glued and painted, to replicate PVC pipes.

We celebrated Diegos birthday a day after his birthday, so on the day i made these super Mario cupcakes, for him to blow, on the day of his birthday and a cake to blow on his party. ( below)

I had these hats made by a crafter friend, isn’t she Genius?

A minute made tetra pack juice and put super Mario stickers to personalize it.

Power star And toadstool sugar cookies which I  baked.

The food:

Super Mario and Luigi’s characters are Italian nationals. So, we served Italian spaghetti

Fried Chicken lollipop soaked in buttermilk with ranch sauce

Pizza cups

For dessert:

Oreo mousse cups

Cupcake tower has red and green cupcakes, I made red velvet and matcha cupcakes with creamcheese frosting. 


I drew (?)’s on yellow boxes and put golden coins and brown boxes I drew on bricks. 

Ctto pinterest

this is my version

I have forgotten to take photos of other details since I was toggling between cooking and decorating. Thank yo my brother, who’s always ready to take photos


photo not mine from pinterest

Now my version of the toad stool.


I set up an activity desk, where the kids can enjoy a Coloring station, I printed out super Mario coloring book pages and had some crayons set up. 

Then we had a yoshi egg hunt. I scattered these “yoshi eggs” around the house with a surprise inside the eggs.

There was also cupcake decorating station prepared but everyone was busy watching the ladies volleyball finals of Ateneo and DLSU. That saved a lot from entertainment. 

I doesn’t take big bucks to throw a special theme party for your kids. Just a little resourcefulness and creativity and viola!!! Diego felt it was special. Tomas is excited on his monster truck party on July. We were  grateful the kids enjoyed and I was humbled that the guests appreciated the effort I put in Diegos 3up party.